My Favourite Yoga Pose – 1on1Yog

Tadasana - 1on1yog

My favourite Yoga Pose has changed at every stage of my practice during my Yoga Journey. As a beginner, I was enthralled by handstands. Not that I could do it, but it looked strong and awesome. One of the many lessons in Yoga is realizing the fact that basic Asanas are in no way inferior … Read more

The Importance of a Guru on the Path of Yoga

Importance of Yoga - 1on1yog

The saints and sages of ancient times evolved and perfected over centuries a system of self-development known as yoga. This unifying objective is achieved through the development of one’s own unique individual potential for Self-realization. Since time immemorial, the science and philosophy of yoga has always been taught by the preceptor to the student – … Read more

Yog Vs Yoga | 1on1Yog

The word is Yog and is pronounced as Yog only. Yoga is the romanization of the word Yog. ‘A’ is added at the end for the reader to know that the ‘G’ sound at the end of the word is complete and not a half sound. In the Sanskrit language for every whole sound, there … Read more

Why Online 1-on-1 Personalized Instruction is the Best Way to Learn Yoga

The global epidemic has upended our lives. Be it education, business, or entertainment, we’ve been forced to move online. What’s worse is with people stuck indoors owing to nationwide lockdowns, physical fitness and health have taken the worse beating. Taking cognizance of this, various fitness trainers and yoga coaches are making efforts to bring exercise … Read more