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    Feel great after just 1 session. Improve your health with regular practice


    Lose Weight

    Teachers who specialize in helping you lose weight and gain strength & flexibility


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    You'll learn to stay centered even in the toughest situations. Your friends and family will notice!


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    Find the joy in life again. You start for your health & fitness and stay for the happiness & wellbeing

    I love Aakriti as my instructor. I can definitely tell she’s one of the best. She makes all the postures look easy. She’s very clear, and patient with me. Even if I get frustrated and feel like I can’t understand. I also love that outside of postures, she also taught me how to breathe.

    Kiara williams

    Santa Clara, SF

    Silky is an excellent yoga teacher with a deep understanding of the practice. I feel very fortunate to have found her. It is difficult to find a true yoga teacher these days when everyone claims to be one. Luckily 1on1yog has done the work for us in providing the most knowledgeable and experienced yoga teachers.


    Oakland, SF

    My yoga session with Sakshi Bhardwaj was wonderful! She is an amazing instructor and provided a great sequence, precise verbal cues, and also allowed space for me to have my own experience on my mat. It's amazing that you get to love yourself during such difficult times of being stuck at home.


    San Jose, SF

    Our OnlineYoga Classes

    Online Yoga For Beginners

    Practice online Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow & more. Our online beginner yoga classes also includes asanas, meditation, pranayama.

    It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe.

    Online Yoga For Senior Citizens

    Yoga for Senior Citizens is an online Yoga program where you can learn to live an active life. Yoga helps to build strength, also improves flexibility.

    This programme has been designed for people over the age of 60, to help them stay healthy, active, calm, and positive. There are 1on1 online yoga session for Senior Citizens are available. Book your sessions now.

    Online Yoga Class For Strength Training

    Our online yoga class for strength training take you through strength building in your core, legs & shoulders.

    This strength training yoga practice is approachable, sustainable and pleasant. With a gentle trainer and thoughtful sequence even people who don't like strength building will enjoy this practice. Book your session now!

    Online Yoga Class For Kids

    Join our online kids yoga classes which help children to deal with mind and body.Yoga builds attention span and concentration power.

    Child posture yoga includes all the day-to-day activities of a toddler to infuse more energy and confidence into their personalities. Most important yoga for kids develops awareness of body, breath, and mind with yoga postures for kids that is precisely categorized.

    Online Yoga For Weight Loss

    If you are looking to lose fat & reach your ideal weight and shape, then Yoga is the best form of exercising. Join our online yoga session for weight loss now.

    Practising yoga is a great way to lose weight & fat. It helps you in toning muscles and improving your metabolism thus resulting in effective fat loss, shaping up the body, and losing weight. It is especially good in reducing abdominal and thigh fat.

    Online Yoga For Pranayama & Meditation

    Our online yoga classes on meditation & pranayama techniques help in improving overall well being.

    We widely recommend online yoga classes to men and women who are busy in their work and looking forward to improving their respiratory function. Also, for mothers seeking for a quick break from home stress.